Our mission

is to “Link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals” worldwide.

ETC works to the following values:  

  • Independence and professionalism in language education and english exam trainings for teachers of english as a foreign language in diferent countries.
  • Support for and community languages practitioners and learners
  • High quality, relevant training opportunities, both
  • local and international
  • Respect for diversity and multilingualism
  • Expert advices for international teachers of english

Supporting our members with their career

For over 20 years, ETC has shared expertise and participated in new developments in the field of Unified State English Exams in different countries. 

Individual members from worldwide work in colleges,high schools, adult education centres and in the community, as teachers, managers, examiners and assessors, inspectors and teacher trainers.  

ETC also organises regional training events for ETC practitioners and has an active branch network. ETC publications include ETC News, which keeps members informed on national developments in ETC.

See what our members have to say and join us today.

“I consider my membership of ETC  to be a vital part of my professional context.” Alex Piterson, UK

“I personally owe a great deal to this remarkable association, and to the many people who have devoted their time, skills and creativity to developing and sustaining it.” Michael Brushovsky, Poland

“After joining ETC, my eyes were opened to what teacher training really is, on an international scale.” Natalya Ignatenko, Ukraine

“I love ETC. It’s my professional family.” Jeremy Harmer, Australia